Kickstarter #2: Sydney Opera House Architectural Model Kit


Somewhere around mid 2014 I became a backer of this project on Kickstarter.

It was during this same period that I had this design attraction to the Sydney Opera House, since I had just completed assembling a Nano-block model of it.

The project page on Kickstarter is available here.

The timing of this post is not so random, other than it appears out of synchronisation with my regular publishing schedule. The timing of this initial post is because I have just received notification that my own model has now been created and is now making its way here to Melbourne from Brisbane!

As part of the other rewards that my level of backing provides, I am one of the many supporters listed on this page.

The timing of this latest ‘toy’ seems such that I will have the Easter holiday to spend working on assembling this, or at least start the assembly process. I look forward to updating this article with more details of this future experience.

That is all for now!