Testimony Tuesday #3: Empowered Conference


This is the third testimony in a new series of writings called Testimony Tuesday. You can find the series introductory article along with the complete list of available testimonies here. This testimony’s originally shared as a result of an event called Empowered Conference, which was held from Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 September 2015, and hosted by Fire Church. A request for prayer was made on the Monday:

Please pray for me as I will be leading a team of people doing street evangelism as part of the Empowered Conference which runs tonight to Wednesday night. The conference have Todd White as one of the speakers & trainers. They will invite participants to put into practice what they learn on the streets. I will be leading a team in Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon. We are expecting & encouraging first timers as we want to empower & release them to walk in the Spirit to show the Life & power of God.

This triggered a number of short and succinct prayers:

Praying in expectation for God to move nightly & for a boldness in spirit in those seeking His will.

Praying for God to move and lives to be changed by Gods amazing love!

Amen! Time to preach about heaven and hell.

I hope everything went well today! Been praying for you guys all day … I’m hoping something good happened in outreach!

All the best today! Praying for your child like faith to shine 🙂

Praying for you! Hope it goes well. If you have any more prayer requests please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

The remainder of this article showcases the feedback from the original requestor:

Thanks for your prayers guys. On the first day, I took a team of guys & gals. For many it was their first time. We went to The Glen shopping centre. We had four Holy Spirit-led encounters:

First was an elderly man. We sensed the leading of the Holy Spirit to approach him. I introduced myself along with one of guys in my group. The man was very open to spiritual conversations since he was a Buddhist but this did not stop him from being open to hearing about Jesus. We shared the Gospel. It seemed that the Holy Spirit had been working on him because only a week earlier another Christian had shared the Gospel with him at The Glen in the same location. This man lives in Cranbourne.

The second one was a mainland Chinese grandmother who could not speak English. I had a word of knowledge for healing. Her pregnant adult daughter was there with her toddler. The daughter translated. The grandmother shared she had a bad and painful back. She allowed us to pray for her three times. We prayed and to the surprise of her daughter, her back improved. Not fully healed but better. We got her to test it out. By that time a small crowd gathered to see what was happening. We told her it was Jesus who made her back better and would heal her because He loved her and the family. This all took place in front of Woolworths.

The third opportunity came through a word of knowledge concerning two job applications. I shared it with a sales person. He said he had just applied for a job and got rejected, but what he really needed was a work experience internship as part of a course he was doing to launch into a new career. With his agreement we prayed for him. In doing so, we found out that he was a Christian. It was great to see that God always has time to bless His children.

By this time the first timers were getting bold so a couple of them stepped out with a word of knowledge to store keeper and they were able to pray for him on the spot concerning the word.

At the end of this experience, the team’s love for God and each other had clearly grown. It happens when disciples go on mission together. I think it is a good reminder that we walk together as disciples of Jesus, following Him with hearts of allegiance to the King & fish for the lost. It is also a sign that His love, presence & power are always present with us, blessing us and those that we reach out to. Releasing the Kingdom causes the darkness to flee.