Apologies for the Outage


As part of new website development work, it would appear that a recent upgrade of the Jetpack WordPress plugin caused an outage – and thus this quick message of apology.

As good as the plugin has been, this was the first time it caused a site-wide failure. However, based on the WordPress support forum threads, similar issues have occurred with other plugins. Before I discovered that JetPack was a likely cause, I had started to discard some of the bloated plugins that I felt XBOP no longer requires to function. Thus, a number of small plugin barnacles have been trimmed as we continue to sail on into 2016.

Operating XBOP as a WordPress powered website presents interesting opportunities for information management and collection. Over the next few weeks, some new extensions and additions to XBOP will be revealed. At this stage it is developmental, but I hope to quickly turn concept into reality! Stay tuned.