40 Days of Community #3: Because It Is How We Love God

img_7441This new series aligns with the 40 Days of Community program which Clayton Church is pursuing as a church-wide initiative.

The topic for today is that we are compelled to love God’s family because it is how we love God. Today’s point to ponder is that “We love God by loving others” The key bible verse is from 1 John 4:20b:

People who do not love other believers, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.

The question to consider is:

What does the way you show love to others say about your love for God?

This is an excellent specific point that is not brand new to me. I have recognised this fact and truism in the nature of God and His love for many years. Love is many things but above all, love is a call to action. Therefore, love may be spoken but is communicated more powerfully through our actions.

I also want to reflect on the future e love languages mentioned in yesterday’s journal because one of the five languages is words of affirmation. Words spoken in love are important but often it is the package of the words combined with the context and tone. There is always a right time and place for words of affirmation to have greatest meaning and impact. As one of the five love languages it is by no means less important or less equal than the other four.

I have previously been asked about my motivation and how I understand all the many things I do as acts of service to the church and community of faith. Since I have served in some more visible ways and ministries over a long period, it was a good reminder of how I approached acts of service as one really obvious way I have shown and continue to show my love for God. The conversation enabled me to articulate my freedom and security of God in the fact that I know my identity is first and foremost in God as His son; that nothing I can do will earn His love and that I should rejoice in His presence.

In this way I would hope that people can see my love for God in the way I serve others around me. The way I treat everyone is hopefully equal and without judgement or prejudice. I treat and love people the way I hope God and others would love me. Sharing what I have and helping those who need assistance are all part of the manifestation of God and His love in my life.