Timothy Group #1a: John 14:15-16

The following write-ups are “homework” from a new Timothy Group which began in early December. The format/structure of these write-ups here is an online version of what other members of the group are doing in hard-copy format, using four columns spread over two A4 sheets of paper. Each column corresponds to a different purpose:

  1. Rewrite the passage, word for word. In my case, I am typing up the entire passage from scratch.
  2. Paraphrase or re-tell the passage in your own words
  3. “I Will” / application / What is God showing me?
  4. Special / specific question assigned for each week

The bible passage for this week is, as per the title, John 14:15-16. Throughout this series I will be using the New Living Translation version of the bible.


If you love me, obey my commandments. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor,* who will never leave you.

*Or Comforter, or Encourager, or Advocate.


We, as believers, in loving God should obey his commandments. Jesus, the Son of God, will commune with the God the Father, and provide us with the Holy Spirit, who will remain with us s long as we remain obedient to Him.

What is God Showing Me?

I will and need to remain obedient to God always in order to not grieve the Holy Spirit, and ensure He remains with me. We can claim the power of the Holy Spirit only as long as we remain obedient to God. God’s love for us is not conditional, but rather the obedient nature and characteristic remains a paramount and priority within the umbrella of emotions, actions, attitudes that encompass loving God. In simple terms, to love God is to obey His commandments.

What are the Consequences of Obedience?

In this passage, the clear consequence of obedience is that God will empower us with the Holy Spirit.