AusOpen 2017: Throwback Open

With some 30 minutes to go before the 2017 Australian Open final begins, it has been a wonderful fortnight of tennis to reflect on.

2017 will always be remembered as the throwback open because of both the women’s and now men’s finalists. The showdowns between Serena and Venus Williams yesterday harkens back to the 2000s when they carved up the women’s titles and Serena earned her 22 previous Grand Slams. With the 2017 title making a total of 23 grand slams, she is truly in unrivalled territory of tennis champions.

That the men’s final is another Nadal vs Federer showdown makes for a dream showdown between the two former world #1 players. As they compete for the Norman Brooks Challenge Cup which is the crowning symbol of the Australian Open. The last time Nadal faced off against Federer at a grand slam final was in 2011 some six years ago.

In total, Federer and Nadal have faced off eight times, excluding this latest 2017 Australian Open final:

  1. 2006 French Open: Nadal in 4 sets
  2. 2006 Wimbledon: Federer in 4 sets
  3. 2007 French Open: Nadal in 4 sets
  4. 2007 Wimbledon: Federer in 5 sets
  5. 2008 French Open: Nadal in 3 sets
  6. 2008 Wimbledon: Nadal in 5 sets
  7. 2009 Australian Open: Nadal in 5 sets
  8. 2011 French Open: Nadal in 4 sets

Either way, for tonight’s final, I hope our champions bring on the best tennis and take it all the way to five sets. My heart says Federer whilst my brain tells me this is 2017 tournament is Nadal’s to win or lose. Both tennis players need to be on top of their serve and Federer has a chance to beat Nadal and his forehand by playing a serve-and-volley game, which is more of a weakness in the Nadal ability.

Either way, as has already been pointed out – with both Nadal and Federer in this final, we, the spectators and fans of tennis have already won. Congrats and all the best to Roger and Rafael.