XBOP is about to undergo it’s next BIG evolution. Majority of the content blogged here at XBOP is of a personal nature, and as such, is being migrated to my personal website – which will henceforth be branded NICLEE.COM.AU.

For the next short period, blogging will continue but now appear on both website/domains. The inverted ChiRho will contrast the original white character on black background – the two combining to serve as logos for both NICLEE and XBOP respectively.

This move will help to separate the two brand identities such that XBOP remains the business-focused expression whilst NICLEE becomes a clear personal blog and online expression of all non-commercial interests.

This alignment will also correspond to the Facebook publishing channels, where XBOP has a Facebook Page whilst NICLEE is connected to my personal account. For now, all other social media expressions remain shared resources.

Thanks always for your support and viewership here at XBOP/NICLEE.COM.AU