back to work…

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back at work today – what more can i say?

the last two weeks are over! it was great while it lasted… really made use of all the time…
right up until the end…

the highlights

1. Christmas with the family (traditions upheld, new ones forged)

the christmas dinner… roast turkey + ham… yum! I one of the main reasons why I love this traditional christmas dinner is the cranberry sauce… cue homer simpson: “mm… cranberry sauce”

a late christmas evening meal with another part of family – very relaxed and laid back
an unexpected pressie received here – a nice business card holder + pen…
more delicious food… authentic bbq-grilled satay… 9/10 for the all important sauce!

unlike previous year’s, Christmas 2005 was eaten in moderation… no excesses… or overeating…

some unique 2005 memories: the late-night/early morning Chaddy outing, singing at the Christmas day church service

2. The shopping/pressies

favourite purchase: this red cushy pillow/thingy – supposedly for the neck, but quite versatile… for hugging much like a security blanket… not that I need one!
favourite present: my movie gold card!!!
favourite gift-giving moment: to my cousin and her family… this big hamper-sized box full of smaller pressies… the reaction of my cousin and her young kids at the contents.

Over the fortnight, Chaddy has been a favourite shopping destination. I also trekked out to DFO Moorabbin.

3. Movies

Since the last post – I have seen another three movies… (ok – in reality two…)

(a) Legend of Zorro – Wed 04/01/2006: 7/10
This sequel to the Mask of Zorro suffers the fate that most sequels do… The inclusion of the 10yo son character was a typical cliché. The two main characters seemed a little dumbed-down… maybe ‘cos the time lapse/age of both Antonio Banderas & Catherine Zeta-Jones… The new villain was a typical villain… As a whole Legend of Zorro was fairly ordinary… all the usual movie clichés… bad guy survives until end, dies not at direct hand of hero… Hero captured but escapes… etc…

(b) Narnia: second viewing – Thursday 05/01/2006: 8/10
The decision to see this at the time was a flip of the coin. It was between Rumour Has It and Narnia… The timing was a major factor as well… It also gave me a chance to look out for bloopers… did anyone see any bloopers?

(c) Just Like Heaven – Friday 06/01/2006: 8/10
An interesting movie… decided to see it for the actor – Resse Witherspoon… A nice comedy, the wit/humour was more subtle, not HAHA funny. Some interesting concepts about afterlife were covered… and the guy in the bookstore… now that was a character! Kinda expected that the girl would survive and the happily ever after ending… The whole small-world thing with the best friend link was funny…

That pretty much sums up my two-week break.

Apart from yesterday… another story for another time…