a weekend is a loong loong time

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hmm… so much can happen in a weekend…

Friday night: 6pm > 1am
OK – u do the math: 7 hours out…
but… to break it down: it included the first 2 hours at Jells Park, and then back to Jer’s for dinner & games…
LAN gaming… I think that explains it all… if I wasn’t working Sat morning, I may have stayed on longer….

Saturday: working AM + PM for consulting client (earning the extra bucks)
Big family dinner @ NRG (New Royal Garden, Mt Waverley)

Sunday: church 10am > mtg > lunch @ bob’s kitchen > movie: Rumour Has It > freshen up > Gravitate > dinner @ King Pot > MSN blogging!!!

Highlight: Gravitate = catching up with various ppl…

Look ahead to the next week (evening’s after work):
Monday: dinner @ friends place (city) + PC support work
Tuesday: church music practice (Sunday music team)
Wednesday: church music practice (Camp FOCUS team) / Surge
Thursday: dinner/movie outing (TBA)
Friday: [I really wanna go to the cricket…] Big work luncheon + FOCUS Moonlight Cinema
Saturday: Memoirs of a Geisha (TBC) – morning
Sunday: 8am + 10am church

I wish I had more time…. waay too many things I want to be able to do…
Now, if only I didn’t have to work…

Final note: congrats to CN on your new job!