a mid-week pause… time for a song!

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Of all the things I wish I could do… and want to do… and get done… I’ve chosen to write a NEW song.

As if I don’t need to finish off the others that are unfinished works-in-progress…

Part of the idea here is that the tune/melody currently doesn’t exist… I’m partly writing on the fly, as I now type. I’m not thinking of any particular tune/melody, my main focus is to get the rhythm/syncopation (is that the right spelling?)

<a yet to be named song – I’m open to suggestions!>

Here I am
Sitting at my PC
Typing away
Starting to get sleepy…

Gotta get this done
before the morning sun
rises up to wake
a sleepy head in bed

[Some kind of chorus/bridge bit]
the last thing at night
is the precious sight
of what heaven is like
with Jesus & St Peter sitting inside

[maybe this is the proper chorus]
Thank you God!
For giving me this life!
That I may spend this time
With You

Thank you God!
For showing me the truth!
That I may walk this path
With You

Just to be with You

Any comments/feedback are most welcome!
My commentary on what I’ve just written:
When I wrote the first two “verses” I wasn’t thinking of making this song a Christian/praise song…
Does it make sense? Have a flow?