The Weekend of Chinese New Year

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It’s gonna be the Year of the Dog!

Since I’m born in the second-last Year of the Dog, does that make this year a good year?

For those who aren’t aware, here’s some info about Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations and traditions…
This is stuff I’ve picked up over the years… I don’t believe in the symbolism/superstitions behind it all – which would be expected considering my beliefs and faith in Christ.

CNY is the big holiday/celebration for the Chinese.
Traditionally, families always gather for a meal on the Eve of CNY – which is tomorrow night (at time of writing!)
The house is normally cleaned up majorly to usher in the New Year. Some people consider it bad luck to clean (sweep) on New Year day; the idea is that you shouldn’t sweep the bad luck away…

My observation of past celebrations with my family in Malaysia is that the meal held on the Eve includes a Steam Boat component, but other dishes are also prepared… I forget the name, but there’s that noodle dish, where everyone gets his/her chopsticks and everyone then helps to stir the bowl and mix in the ingredients. The noodles have traditionally signified longevity.

[2014 Self to 2006 self: that's yushang!]

The use of fire crackers once had a significant meaning: to scare away evil spirits!

With the Lunar Years and the Animals, the story goes that the animals were summoned, and only 12 animals turned up. The order of the animals was determined in the order they responded to the call…. Apparently the Chinese zodiac/system also has four elements: water, fire, wood and earth… I’m supposed to be a Water Dog… whatever that means…

To all those who celebrate it, have a Happy Chinese New Year!

Nic =)