10 things you may not know about me…

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Here are 10 things you may or may not know about me…

Either way, now you know!

10. I’m currently working with a colleague who has the exact same birthday… just different years/age, but we do share the same birthday – 17 June.

9. I have my own business name, which I use for doing work on the side. It’s also there for the day when I do decide that I’m ready to launch my own company/business.

8. I have a Master’s degree… even tho I’ve only spent a total of 3.5 years on campus (1 year on IBL, another semester doing my Masters project off campus)

7. Doing Masters cost me double my undergrad, yet it was only half the duration – education is expensive!

6. I can cook… my family has been the recipients of my cake making and spaghetti & meatball cooking

5. When I was little (3), the first time I heard the song “Somewhere Out There” (from An American Tale) I was told that I was the one singing it, and I believed it…

4. While I’ve been in touch with this one person, who is exactly the same age as me, all my life (thru Christmas cards and such), I’ve never met her. Our mother’s developed a friendship thru sharing the same ward at the hospital… To this day, I’ve never met this girl… we’ve never swapped photos, but we’re definitely aware of each other… (No she’s not my twin!)

3. While I’ve grown up in church pretty much all my life, it took me a long time… accepted Christ in 1995, baptised in 2003…church membership 2005.

2. I have two older brothers… one a freelance celebrity photographer, the other an economic advisor in the Department of Employment & Workplace Relations (he did NOT help to piece together the recent IR changes)

1. I lost my Mum when I was 3.5… she passed away from cancer on Christmas Day 1986, and ever since, part of the Christmas tradition is that my Dad & I visit her at Christmas. While most people and family say I would have been too little to remember her, the truth is I do… at some point, the pain was too much and I blocked out all memories of that childhood… but I know it’s all there… somewhere, sealed off…

So, now you know!

Nic =)

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