not at gravitate…

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Well… I’m not at Gravitate… or if I was, I wouldn’t be writing this, would I??

Thank you to JE, JC, TP & NA who helped me fix up my song.

The revised song lyrics are provided below:

Verse 1
Come follow me
Come and worship the King
You’re the Lord of Victory

Verse 2
Seek unto the Lord
Seek, and you shall find
The Glory of a Risen God

Worship, come worship Him
Worthy, You are everything
Worship, come worship Him
Worthy, You are Christ the King

Holy, Holy,
Forever, may Your love never end

In case you were wondering why I didn’t go to Gravitate:
1. Spent 7 hours at church already, since 8am to 3pm.
2. Family dinner…

I might experiment with FL Studio and producing my song thru there…

The other interesting thing that happened this weekend was yesterday evening – my Dad’s friend arrived from the QE2 (that’s the Queen Elizabeth 2 luxury cruise liner!). We drove down to Station Pier and did a bit of the touristy thing: drove around Albert Park, parked opposite the Arts Centre and walked down Southgate/Southbank to Crown. With organisation of the Melbourne GP underway, it was quite fun to drive around the lake and pretend that the stands were crowded with spectators!

Hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend… next weekend will be busy. But then, I’m also looking forward to having Friday off as annual leave! And then there’s the Clayton Festival on Sunday!


Nic =)