Autumn – Day #1

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Wow! Can you believe it’s officially Autumn/March?

February has been a lot of fun. In one word – I would say February was “stabilising”. Stabilising in the sense that many things started settling down for the year. My work routine, regular commitments, etc…

Last night – at the music practice for our Sunday AM team (the BC Band!), a few things are worth mentioning:

1. Dinner provided by WCL. (Hmm… by right, that would be UWCL)
I, and the whole team, were truly appreciative of the cooking efforts that UW made. My fav is the rendang – over the years, UW has always made a great rendang!

2. Worship – You Deserve the Glory
This song will be the final song at the 10am service this Sunday. It’s kinda ironic that I won’t be able to stay for the final song – ‘cos our rehearsal last night of it was soo… powerful. OK – I’m gonna digress – I find that particularly in the church/Christian environment, we tend to abuse/overuse the word “powerful”. I try NOT to – so when you read the above – I truly mean “powerful”. With JC leading (and u can read that in the two possible ways!), and the conclusion where we sang in the Spirit – that part was truly uplifting & moving. I LOVE free worship, where we sing in the Spirit.

Afterwards, reflecting on the time with God, I reaffirmed my faith and servitude to God through the Praise & Worship opportunities He makes possible.

Joy to the world! All the boys and girls…
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea…
Joy to YOU and me!

Chorus from “Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog”