mid-March = Family time

Of late, my focus has been quite family oriented. Which kinda makes up for the lack of time I’ve spent with my family since the start of the Year…

The story begins two weekends ago now…. Friday 10 March to be precise. My Dad was at the local shopping centre in the early afternoon, where he had collapsed, due to dizzy and side effects of too much of some medication…. while the injury wasn’t too serious, he did end up going to hospital and was kept under examination/monitoring for 4 hours (apparently that’s standard procedure).

While it is God’s mercy and blessing that my Dad was spared serious injury, the shock event reminded both my Dad and I of our mortality. So, the previous weekend was spent looking after my Dad mainly… The events of Friday 10/03 meant major disruption to my normal cycle of attending FOCUS… but then, I was kinda freaking out that my Dad was actually in hospital…. ‘cos it was like a nightmare come true.

Another fortune for the way events turned out was that Monday was a Public Holiday, so there was an additional day to ensure that my Dad was resting up and healing. What was interesting was that in order to give my dad a clear view of the injury area, on the side of his head, I hooked up my digital camera to the TV, got a bright lamp and did some video work! But it helped – technology helped us out!

This most recent weekend:
Friday @ FOCUS – some normalcy resumed.
Saturday: met up with my brothers in Richmond for lunch. (My eldest brother had flown down from Canberra, other brother had picked him up) Lunch for me was this delicious meatball lasagna…
[Have I mentioned that on the lasagna front, I share this passion with Garfield?]
A big family dinner was organised for Saturday night @ the local restaurant (delicious food!) followed by a slide show of photos on the TV.
Sunday: church in the morning – singing. Arvo – watched some of my new DVDs – Charmed, Season 1.
Another big family dinner, this time at my uncle’s – where he cooked Penang Assam Laksa!!!!

Anyway – with the computer in the guest room, I had better sign off…

Looking ahead: 100m sprint final tmw night @ the MCG! 6:30pm! WUHOO!!!!

Nic =)