they once were lost, but now are found!

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Praise God!

A quick break into song:

Praise God! Praise His Holy name!
Praise Him all the earth, let us celebrate!

Praise God! Praise His Holy name!
Praise Him in the heavens, Angels will proclaim!

On Friday – I left work slightly earlier than usual. This was because I had worked extra long hours during the week. While packing up my laptop (which now lives in my lockable desk drawer) I must have been distracted. You know how easy it is? Your talking about your weekend plans… what you’re gonna do… I left my KEYS at work – after locking my drawer, I somehow must have put them back on my desk instead of in my bag – which is normally what I do…

I didn’t realise that I was without my keys until I was searching for them at church, preparing to drive home after FOCUS! Immediately rang my Dad… naturally – he didn’t take the news well… and immediately assumed the worst case scenario… as in, they were gone forever… that someone may pick them up, and somehow know that these unmarked keys would unlock this one home in Glen Waverley… Of course, I had an 80% confidence level that the keys were safely at work – tucked in the corner of my desk and not standing out begging someone to take them.

Fortunately and thankfully, my Dad was able to put together a set of spare keys so that I could still go about my busy weekend of events!


In spite of all the rain I travelled some 150kms!

  1. GW to Elwood, and back
    1. lunch at my cousin’s place
    2. after a quick-lunch, we went to St Kilda to watch an auction – a very short and uneventful auction
    3. the property was a penthouse in a residential block of 6 apartments
    4. located down the street (literally) from Luna Park
    5. opposite the Peanut Farm Reserve – that’s the name of this oval/parkland on the other side of the street!
    6. the opening bid was $400K, the auctioneer then made a vendor bid for $480k and the auction moved no further
    7. it turns out the reserve price is $550k! So, no luck… and the property was passed in…
  2. GW to Endeavour Hills, and back
    1. drove out to meet up with a good friend (JG)
    2. we talked and talked for ~2hours – really good to just catch up
  3. GW to Hampton (between Elwood & Brighton), and back
    1. in the evening (7pm) we had our church’s Men’s Lawn Bowls activity
    2. I really enjoyed the night; I got to meet and talk to the older (sorry – more mature) generation of men in the church – the uncle’s
    3. I ended up becoming the official photographer for the night, since no one else had a camera with them…
    4. praise God – the rain had eased off by 7pm and we could play and eat outside


Quite busy… slightly more so than usual:

  1. Church/music (practical application/living out of the sermon topic on hospitality by providing a lift to MC)
  2. Lunch @ GW with friends TC, MC, JO & moi.
    1. Lunch was @ Grand Tofu… a nice change
    2. Ran into a couple of friends who I thought would have been at my Dad’s lunch
    3. Finally learnt of TC’s wedding date – 11 November – 4 months, 25 days away!
  3. Early afternoon tea/hangout @ Max Brenner, The Glen (first time) – we marvelled at the variety of cups: hug mugs & the long mug/glasses for milkshakes
  4. Dropped MC home
  5. Stopping by home, then went to Mulgrave to do a job – earned $50!

Website of the week:


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