a spring week…

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Friday Night Focus

@ Debbie’s
Combined U-groups with JC/MC
some highlights:
1. Angels & Assassins
2. finally playing Killer Uno
[satisfaction rating: 8.5/10]


Morning: Eureka work… fixed bug/data cleansing [satisfaction rating: 8/10]
Late morning: shopping @ the Glen
Lunch: @ my cousin’s new place [satisfaction rating: 8/10]
Afternoon: clean up the house
Evening: cooked spaghetti meatballs as a promised birthday pressie for RA. [satisfaction rating: 8/10]
Late evening: watched my Dad’s new DVD – 1421. [satisfaction rating: 7.5/10]


Morning: lazed around… did a clothes washing! [satisfaction rating: 7/10]
Late morning: watched Tomb Raider (recently given the DVD) [satisfaction rating: 8.5/10]
Lunch: @ The Glen with Dad (plus shopping) [satisfaction rating: 8/10]
Purchases: new pair of pants to match black suit jacket (after $70 discount – $50 out-of-pocket!) [satisfaction rating: 8.5/10]
Afternoon: visit my a church friend – helped him with some DVD issues [satisfaction rating: 7.5/10]
Evening: @ GRAVITATE [satisfaction rating: 9/10]
Dinner: @ Choi Palace, Clayton [satisfaction rating: 8/10]
Late evening: started taking control of the Camp Overflow registrations!!! (big job – especially with all the finance)

Back at work… two weeks until Camp Overflow!