I won the footy tips!

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MOOD:  jubilant

It’s official! I won this year’s footy tipping competition! That means that I’ve just won $240!!!

As a result, I’m donating the proceeds towards OVERFLOW 06 – the Gravitate/Church camp which I’m helping to organise. The money will go towards acquiring those smiley stress balls for our camp bags!

A big happy father’s day to all the fathers out there for yesterday – the Australian Fathers Day!

The past weekend has been so awesome, actually today is also really really awesome… God is Great, Hallelujah!

Friday lunch = team Yum Cha
Restaurant = Koi, South Yarra
Atmosphere = modern/fusion-feel (square/rectangle tables)
Split the bill = $15 per person thanks to our manager!
Team = eight of us (two vegetarians plus one meat-only Croat!)
Rating = 9/10

Friday birthday surprise = RP – 26 (actual birthday day!)
Cake = chocolate mud cake from the Colours Cafe (yum!)
Surprise = scheduled a small meeting with RP and ED for 4pm; used the guise that I was free, so started a few min before 4pm.
Plan = other team members (same lunch ppl + two other friends) to “crash” the meeting at 4pm with cake.

Friday night = family dinner (cousin visiting)
Family = Dad, JL, SK & MK
Dinner = @ the Wheelers Hill Pub
Coincidence = running into EN, YL, LC & C? (sorry, don’t remember your last name!)
Meal = rump steak for me; eye fillet & other beef cuts for the others
Dessert = ice cream sundae

Saturday = spent day with cousin and cousin-in-law
Saturday morning = cooked pancakes for brekky
Saturday outing = Chaddy for optometrist appointment
My eye health = very slight change, but otherwise my lens have stabilised; now exploring contact lens possibilities
Father’s Day present = for my dad, the agreement is that I will give him his new pair of glasses as this year’s Father’s Day present
Reasoning = in terms of a personal gift, how much more personal can one get? Only my dad can benefit from it, and the durability is for a long long time;
compare the present to say a dinner/lunch – durability/gratification is only for a matter of hours, and also the rest of the family benefits (but then, part of the gratification is the presence of close family members)

Saturday dinner = @ NRG
People = family (4) + 2 guys – sons of friend of cousin-in-law
Dishes = Peking duck, squid & jelly fish, stuffed tofu, spare-rib pork in Peking sauce, prawns & peas
Rating = 8/10

Sunday morning = church – one service
Father’s Day celebration = Yum Cha @ NRG, hosted by brother
People = dad, brother – JL, E&J, PL (just back from month-long hol)

Afternoon = visited the Hengs

Additional World Vision/40-hour famine donations received over weekend = $67.50 (family)
Total tally to date = $764.50