40-Hour Famine: 1.5 hours transpired

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MOOD:  full – so NOT hungry

This is a quick first post on my 2006 40-HOUR Famine journey.

Before the fast: An office social breakfast.
Where: At Cafe 434 (434 St Kilda Rd)
Group: 4 of us, from IT
Meal: Bacon & eggs on toast plus a skinny latte (not too big, but the bacon definitely makes me feel un-hungry)
Cost: $15 (rounded off, split bill)

Question: Are vitamins allowed? The agreement amongst the few of us at work is that Vitamin C is allowed…

Hours transpired: 1.5 (started at 9am)
Glasses of water drunk: Half

Earliest time allowed to eat: 1am Sunday morning

Why the early start (most people will start 8pm tonight): ‘cos I’m singing on Sunday morning, I need to eat breakfast.

Why not with FOCUS next weekend: ‘cos I have a birthday dinner to attend and family visiting from overseas!

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Money raised so far: $562