Happy Queen’s Birthday

Today was quite an interesting day all in all.

Helped my neighbour make the transition from PC to Mac! Some small teething issues (Office 2011 not allowing us to add non-Exchange mail accounts and iTunes library migration) but otherwise, a good outcome.

A good chunk of the afternoon was spent helping my dad change the brake fluid of my car — gained invaluable experience of changing all four tyres and pumping on the brake pedal… Towards the end of the afternoon, there was a surprise visit from family (cousins visiting from Malaysia).

This evening, some Apple content was added to my website, in particular my Apple Influence Tally. I’m quite surprised by the current numbers and rough estimates … paints an interesting picture, yes? One scary stat that I don’t really want to know is the $ amount behind the bottom listing recording the Apple product purchases of XBOP…

Hope you all had a great long weekend!