New Song/Creative Technology/Apple Tally

Today at church, it was a privilege to serve on the worship team and help Phanin with his newest song — He is Love. Now that I know there was a recording made, I look forward to any opportunity to work on the video output — maybe I’ll get to add lyrics to the live footage?

I mentioned my desire to blog about our church’s technology set-up here at XBOP and got verbal approval! I took the opportunity whilst backstage to snap some quick photos of the main equipment. Part of my current challenge is that I think I may need to change the WordPress theme layout/settings for XBOP, for the pages to integrate photos into the articles in the way I want…

As a result of spending my afternoon with my neighbour, and our agreement that tomorrow I will assist her in purchasing her first Apple Macbook Pro 15″ Retina Display, this long weekend adds to my Apple tally, another two conversions! I also need to add to the overall website content framework for XBOP, the supporting sections, so I can cover this material.

OK, enough talk — now to action!