CNY holiday #3: Travel to KL

Monday 27/01: a relaxing start to a travel day. It transpired that our pick up came earlier and rightly so given need to allow time for lunch.

Tip: Changi Airport Terminal 1 has a hidden gem in its staff canteen. Located in the basement and accessed by walking out of the main terminal building at the ground floor, it is open to the public. Provides a wide variety of hawker dishes in the traditional Singapore food court style.

AirAsia flight to KL was short and sweet; I touched down before my dad had even flown out of Singapore for Penang (his flight was an hour later). KL’s Low cost carrier terminal (LCCT) was an experience – long walk to temporary building, potential long customs queue became very short when officials opened up new booths. It was a real blessing that I was able to collect my checked in baggage which was already on the belt, and then rushed out into the main terminal to find and catch the bus to 1Utama – it was scheduled to leave at 3:30pm and I had landed at 3pm. Signage outside was terrible but after scrambling I jumped onto the right bus, showed the guy my prepaid ticket and settled in.

Arrival at 1Utama was the final hurdle; being a massive shopping complex, y aunt’s instructions for pickup point want I had to transverse the entire complex from our bus drop-off point all the way to the other far end. My Fitbit pedometer racked up a good period of running that day plus a solid 13000 steps.

As a whole, the AirAsia flight Singapore – KL was good value. The extra 6MYR for the bus to 1Utama also made the journey to my aunts very convenient for them given they live a short 5min ride away. Both airports were highly efficient although Changi’s complete in-door facilities was a clear differentiating factor.

This was an unexpected focused blog on the travel day experience… KL next. CNY itself may become another dedicated post…