CNY holiday #4: KL

If I could summarise my time in KL it would be family focused not withstanding the CNY festivities and traditions (separate post in its way)

I didn’t really have shopping needs so food would have been the secondary focus.

Thank you to my cousin (technically 1st cousin once removed) for the night trip to PJ Old Town for bakuteh.

Spending time with my aunts, one of whom was visiting also from Canada, was rewarding in the many stories shared about family. The information I learnt about our Chew/Khoo ancestors was invaluable. The bulk of that will feed into the family tree posts/pages… But I will share here the one intriguing fact that my great-grandfather CHEW Sim Ann was said to have been a Kapitan Cina (leader of Chinese community) in Aceh, Indonesia before he fled the persecution for Penang. Let’s just say that I am now trying to verify this from independent sources…

Knowing how I love food, I must confess that KL wasn’t much of an eating feast as it could have been. Still, I had one dim-sum opportunity where I discovered the local Lao Sar Bao was known as Golden Bun and the dough dyed yellow. Home cooked meals included the staple lotus soup I have come to identify with as a KL thing. Another lovely dish I had was the nasi lemak, which I hardly eat in Melbourne.