A Note of Thanks

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Dear God,

Thank you so much for Your presence over the past weekend. It was great to dedicate a whole weekend to spending time with You. Time with You in worship, reading Your Word, and in the Brothers and Sisters You surround me with.

The words You place in my mind resonate deeply within my heart. And I just knew last night (Sunday @ Gravitate) that it was You prompting me to share… to get off my butt and put myself out there… all for Your glory!

When I first heard the theme/vision “Come Follow Me”, I just knew that a song would flow from those very words. The journey we have taken to write the first-cut over the past two days has truly been worth it.


Your disciple
Nic =)

Come follow me
Come worship the King
You’re the Lord of Victory

Seek unto the Lord
Seek and you shall find
The Glory of a Risen God

Worship, come worship Him
Worthy, You are, everything
Worship, come worship Him
Worthy, You are Christ the King

Holy, Holy,
Forever may Your love never end (never end…)
Thank you for all the encouragement received at Gravitate.