the week that was before Church Camp: walking in faith

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Here I am… on a warm Monday morning… translating a spreadsheet from French to English…
It’s work.
No kidding…

This blog is supposed to be for camp reflections…

I had a BLAST!!!! As I mentioned at Gravitate last night, in the lead up to camp (as I have been doing for a while), I have been stepping out in faith… tiny steps… bit by bit. How so? I guess it’s part of my relaxed, easy-going attitude to life nowadays. Life is full of unknowns… things change so fast.

One week before camp (Sunday): the transport arrangement was that one guy would drive up in his new Subaru WRX giving me a ride… yah! a nice drive in a WRX!
On Monday, that changed to: I would drive instead, giving him a lift.
Wednesday: meeting a friend on the train to work, I offered her a ride to camp
Thursday arvo: notified that annual leave request for Friday (next day) was approved. Compromise made to work half day.
12:30am Friday of camp: SMS from another girl (girl 2) – now that she was working, she needed a lift to camp
Friday morning: at work. Request sent out for a volunteer to make a short presentation on Monday evening (tonight, at time of writing). Volunteered myself > leading to requirement for me to divert afternoon 1 hours of leave to going into other work office to compile presentation material
4pm: Left CBD
5:15pm: Reached home/GW
5:45pm (behind time according to plan): picked up Max
6:00pm: fill up on petrol
6:15pm: pick up girl 2
6:30pm: pick up guy

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