Europe 2009 – Sutton Day #5

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This post was originally a retrospective piece written from the Umi Hotel on the evening of Wednesday 8 September 2009. Day #5 in Sutton/Mansfield was Monday 6 September 2009.

We took a day-trip to some obscure walking track areas in the region near Bakewell. We started with lunch at a place called The Peacock which was a restaurant with really nice food (lasagne) and was ?strategically? positioned near a giant roundabout and there were no other places around for miles.

The feature of today was lots and lots of driving, thanks to my cousin-in-law. As had been the trend, we had been starting out later and later each day – today we left the house at 11:40am…

After driving around for a bit, which included some wrong turns and exploring, we ended up at the intended walking location, which was some rocks and a lookout known as Surprise View! It was aptly named since the views were just great and the fantastic weather helped to create a most picturesque scenery.

After the walk we drove along the Snake Bend past two reservoirs and headed towards Manchester. This scenic tour featured sheep and more sheep. Which made me think of New Zealand… By the time we got back to Sutton it was close to 8pm.

We had Indian for dinner at a great little place on the main road, We ended up being the only customers since the bulk of the diners would have eaten earlier. My poor nephew was again confused and grumpy from the late eating cycles that we had forced upon him.